The History of Mug Shots

The police mug shot was invented by French criminologist Alphonse Bertillon in the early 1880s. Those mug shots were accompanied by body measurements for criminal identification in what was called the Bertillon System. By 1896, the New York Police Department was using the Bertillon System, and the image here is of the first NYPD mug shot. See a gallery of early mug shots at Flavorwire. Link -via Not Exactly Rocket Science

(Image credit: NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services)

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The Bertillion System, in a way, led to the adoption of fingerprints as a way to identify people.

Bertillion's system worked well, but was extremely complicated, and the measuments had to be precise. Many departments lacked training in the system, or just became lazy, so the subject's measuments tended to drift a bit, making the identifications unreliable.

It was this perceived failure that led to the adoption of fingerprints instead (although many departments used both methods for quite some time).
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...great podcast on just this thing from these ladies a month or so ago...
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Judging by the photo, it appears the time-traveling T-1000 made a detour to 1896 on his way to kill John Connor. Admittedly the resemblance isn't so strong in the profile, but from the front he's a dead ringer! (Perhaps the profile shot caught him mid-morph.)
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"The History of Mug Shots"

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