5 Amazing Things You Can Find Underwater

From spiders who can live underwater for a whole day at a time to underwater rivers with their own wave systems, it's simply amazing what can happen below the surface.


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Sydney funnel web spiders - one of the most venemous and aggressive spiders in the world - are attracted to water and can often be found in swimming pools where they can survive for hours by breathing the air bubbles trapped in the hairs on their body. *shudder*
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Well that was a cheery little article wasn't it?

I don't know that I want to go anywhere near any largish body of water ever again. Except maybe if I could get some hi-tech equipment that would allow me to go into one of those sinkholes to see how deep it went, and if that's where Nessie spends her summers.
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"5 Amazing Things You Can Find Underwater"

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