When Predator with 16,000 Eyes Roamed the Earth

Image: John Paterson

Thankfully, the Anomalocaris is extinct, because there's no hiding from this Cambrian superpredator. Scientists examinning the 515-million-year-old fossil of this unusual animal discovered that it has upwards of 16,000 eyes:

It takes a microscope to see them, but individual lenses were preserved in each eye. For someone who has seen countless images of the compound eyes of Drosophila, they are startling in how modern they look. Based on their density, the authors estimate that each eye housed 16,000 individual lenses, the most that have ever been seen on any animal we know about. Based on the curve of the eye and what we know about modern compound eyes, they suggest that the animal had very good visual acuity.

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And yet scientists are working on bringing these ancient extinct things back to life from DNA remnants.

Do humanities majors create things that can destroy the human race? No, it's always you people in the natural sciences.
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I wish they still existed.... that baby would be delicious with some butter and lemon.

Compound eyes are a fascinating way evolution overcame the problem of diffraction in smaller animals.
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