Scary Cool Custom Made 70-Cal T-Rex Rifle

This amazing custom rifle, more of a hand cannon really, fires modified .50 caliber rounds and looks badass punching giant holes in targets. Here's how this rifle puts the WTF in firearms:

The cartridge, named the .700 WTF ("What The F...") and is made by fire forming a .50 BMG brass case, trimming it to 3" in length and then sizing it. The round is loaded with a 1132 grain paper patched .700 lead cast bullet.

The rifle, with just a 16.25" barrel, can push the 1132 grain of lead up to 2300 fps. Thats 13,000 ft/lbs of energy, right up there with the .50 BMG and far exceeding the .700 Nitro Express. The cast lead bullet has enough energy to pass clean through a 1/4" steel plate.

It's a must-have when you come face-to-face with an angry dinosaur, or Godzilla on the rampage. Hit the link to check out a video of this bad boy in action.

Link --via Geekologie

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Dhimmitude: denoting an attitude of concession, surrender and appeasement towards Islamic demands. What that has to do with this article or my comment is anybody's guess, wpdunn71901. Anti-gun, yes, but pro-religion of any kind? The evidence suggests otherwise :)
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