The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011

Buzzfeed compiled a collection of images from the year's news stories that will remind you how many really big events happened in 2011, from natural disasters to citizen protests to legislation to war. Pictured is a girl in isolation in order to assess her exposure to radiation after Japan's nuclear facilities were compromised by the March earthquake. Link

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The picture of the special forces dog lying in front of his partner's casket is certainly among the powerful ones.

I agree with Jolly about the bill signing. Although it was a significant story, it was not a significant photograph.
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Many powerful images, but I have three problems with the selection.

1. Given that we are restricted to 45 images and therefore a maximum of 45 stories why have more than one image of the same story?

2. Although there are some very powerful images there are also some which are no more than snaps. For example the image of Obama signing a bill is not a powerful image it's a pretty average snap. While the story itself may be meaningful the image, in and of itself, is not.

3. And finally it seems to be a curiously US biased view of world news. Sure it's from a US site, but there are images and stories there that would have no impact on anybody from outside the US. While other powerful images from stories of worldwide significance have been ignored.
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that about sums it up especially the don't ask don't tell being repealed, Steve jobs's death and Osama Bin Laden dying. The earthquake and tornado photos are startlingly sad, abd horrible
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