Hungary Outlaws Homelessness

With 10,000 people homeless in Budapest alone, Hungary has figured out how to solve the problem: make homelessness illegal.
According to an amendment to the local government act, passed by a strong majority in parliament last month, those found sleeping on the streets will first receive a warning.

They can subsequently be imprisoned or ordered to pay the fine.

The move has provoked widespread criticism, including from Hungary's human rights ombudsman, the BBC's Nick Thorpe reports.

Miklos Vecsei, deputy head of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, said the law had not been passed on the basis of any rational or professional criteria but because the public were fed up with the homeless.

Since people who cannot afford a home would likely be unable to pay a fine, one would assume that the state will have to incarcerate homeless people caught breaking the law. Link -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Wikipedia user Nuclear Vacuum)

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@Melissa how naive are you? The Hungarian state have no intention to care for these people, they just want them off the street. The ultimate aim of this law is to have these people leave the country. If the state had any intention to care for the homeless they could do so without passing this idiotic law.

This law is almost certainly in contravention of the ECHR and as such the EU will hopefully be taking action against the Hungarian government.
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Well on a dumbness scale this law is a high scorer. Its not enough people are so down on their luck they have lost their home, now they get a criminal record as well.

Incomprehensible. /facepalm
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@ Melissa

If the government really wants to help them they can, nobody is stopping them. I really don't see the need for the government to criminalize the people they want to help.

It makes no sense. It reminds me of ... oh never mind, don't want to invoke Godwins law. ;)
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By all means make it illegal if you have access to housing yet refuse to live in it, but if you have no house what choice do you have? Surely putting people in prison is far more expensive than providing them with basic housing. Perhaps the point of the law is not to persuade homeless people to change, but instead to give the police a legal basis on which to harrass them.
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