How to Lose $2400 in 24 Seconds

(vimeo link)

It's a short film. And you'll probably see the ending coming. We're sorry, Kurtis Hough. -via reddit

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@ted why would he not be able to recover the recording? So long as he could recover the camera he would be able to remove the memory card. And $2400 isn't so much for a decent quality camera, lens and tripod.

What I want to know is why the cameraman didn't see the wave coming and do something about it. $2400 is a lot to pay for common sense 101, but maybe at that price the lesson will sink in.
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How did he manage to get the recording if the camera was destroyed or lost?

$2400 seems awfully expensive. Somebody rounded up a little.
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One can tell by the foam at the tide line that the waves were crashing far up the beach. Didn't think things thru. Looks like the Oregon coast where there are warnings posted about not turning your back to the water and to watch for wave tossed logs. Saw one coming toward the camera before it got knocked over. Scary!
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