Are Your Greetings Seasoned?

One way to sell Christmas cards is to create an outlandish story about their origin. Brad McGinty III tells about his father's failed 1955 business venture with a Japanese artist whom he shot in the face during World War II. The artist's "misinterpreted" idea for a greeting card is now for sale at his site. Whatever you may think of the cards, the story behind them is priceless. Link -via Metafilter

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It is totally fake, but that's the point. I think. Visit the link. You can buy these.

My dear ol' Grandad has lived in the same house since 1950. I would love to be able to get a 1955-1959 stamp and especially the postmark and drop one of those in my 90-yr old WWII veteran Grandfather's mailbox after filling it out with a fountain pen in broken engrish with a return address in Tokyo. He'd probably put on his old Marine Corps uniform and grab his WWII souvenir Japanese officer sword and go ballistic on the lawn furniture, again. Yelling and cussing until his dentures fell out, again. Then after we'd point out the 'watermark', and after he kicked me once on the arse, he'd laugh his own arse off. That would be funny as heck to watch. He's a crazy old coot and it's totally something he would do himself for the laughs. Hmmmm, I do owe him -bigtime- for that one time back in 1999->2000 New Years eve when he gave me the fake lottery ticket that said I won a million dollars... and I fell for it. (but it was so realistic!)

muahahahahaaaa ... the wheels are turning ...
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I want to believe this is real, and it seems like a lot of people do. There seem to be a few 'clues' that this is just a joke. Anyone else agree?
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