World's Smallest V-12 Engine Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

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A brilliant machinist named Patelo made this 12cc V-12 compressed air engine. Except for the screws, he cut all of the parts from scratch. This video shows him grinding the parts, assembling them, and then running the engine at about the eight minute mark. It's an amazing demonstration of precise machining.

-via Boing Boing | Previously: Tiny, Functional V-8 Engine

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Yes, the cooling system (however it worked) was the neatest bit of the design. It is probably unnecessary, given that the engine is powered by compressed air. Or would friction alone make it essential?
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+He actually made his life abit harder by doing a Pushrod engine with 12 heads instead of an OHC and just 2 big heads.

+Usu. exhaust is on the Outside + opposed from intake, which is usu in the valley.

Either way, one of the best things I have ever seen!

+The guy even has a coolant tank, and what appears to be a water-pump of some type!!!!!!!!
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And I'd just like to rebuild my 2.4L V4 DOHC. But, that's a whole area of knowledge and expertise I'm not very familiar with. What's this guy's number?
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"World's Smallest V-12 Engine Fits in the Palm of Your Hand"

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