"Doctor" Injected Woman's Butt with Fix-A-Flat

We're no stranger to strange stories here on Neatorama, but this one took me by surprise: a transgender "doctor" was arrested by the Florida police for administering butt-boosting shots made from cement, glue, and tire sealant.

That's right Fix-a-flat. And yes, that's her (the doctor's) photo to the left:

Sgt. William Bamford of the Miami Gardens, Fla., Police Department said that the procedure took place in May 2010, after the as-yet-unidentified victim met with Morris to discuss the procedure.

“They agreed on the price of $700 for the procedure, which was intended for cosmetic purposes,” Bamford said.

What the woman got for her money was a series of injections containing a bizarre concoction of cement, super glue, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat tire inflator and sealant, police said.


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@ted - you're right. Text is clarified to mean that's the "doctor's" photo.

@Cat MacKinnon - I've fixed it to say "transgender." I didn't know, but it makes sense.

Regarding the use of the word "transgender" in this article: I didn't use it for shock value or as a slight to the transgender community. As others have pointed out, there's not much relevance between being transgender and being a quack doctor.

I used the word "transgender" simply because the news source with the original story said that it was a man that was arrested, yet they showed the booking photo of what looks like a female.
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@Sarah O. the fact that the "doctor" is transgendered is relevant to the story. Simply because the biggest market for these "treatments" is among transgendered individuals.

@christine what do you have to back up your statement? Bear is mind that this sort of thing is surprisingly common and well documented.
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to Sarah O., thelibrarianne, and most of the other posters:

as a trans person, i'd like to say "thank you"! being trans is completely irrelevant to what this person did to other people. it was all about greed and making a quick buck, with total disregard for the health, safety and well-being of any of her "clients".

while i certainly don't think Neatorama or the linked website intended to offend anyone (i personally wasn't offended, although i was highly annoyed), there wasn't any reason to point out that the offender is transgender. a criminal's gender identity rarely has anything to do with their crime, and rarely even requires mentioning. it just seems like a way to fill up space in the article with extra words (at the least), or a way to get extra page hits on a "juicy story" (at the worst, although i'd like to think Neatorama wouldn't stoop to that level.)

(and to Neatorama: it's "transgender", not "transgendered". "transgendered" isn't really a word and doesn't follow the preferred journalistic spelling or grammar suggested by the AP Style Book. just FYI.)
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Ted, the quack's proclivity towards ridiculously unethical treatments (both on herself and others) still has zero to do with her gender identity. Yes, dysphoria probably led her to modifying her body, but correlation does not imply causation.

Simply being transgendered can't make someone inject their ass with Fix-a-Flat. Simply modifying one's body doesn't make one go out and offer body modifications to others for money. Being stupid, greedy, and overconfident, on the other hand, can do both of those things — and stupidity knows no gender.

It's like you said — "it's someone who is so at ease with making modifications to one's body that [s]he thinks he can do it to other people without any training or regard for their safety." I totally agree. And that has nothing to do with her transness.
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