Matrix No. 5

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I thought this was neat -someone edited the film The Matrix to the tune of "Mambo #5" by Lou Bega. But the video is not edited at all. This gunfight scene just syncs up very well! -via Buzzfeed

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Actually this does an amazing job of sync.

First they appear to be walking with the tempo of the music, and actually much of the shoot seems to match the beat as well

the main music beginning when the bag is put through the scanner. the music begins to end just as the scene begins to end.

if you'll watch closely it seemed as though most of the gun battle shots are all "instrumental" with the lyrics restarting when it switches to close-ups of the characters. Also little things little things like the pause in music at 1:25 seem to match up with the slow spot in the video.

These characteristics alone would make it incredible, but on top of this, the bits of matched dialog at 1:05, the "ratatat" sounds at 1:17 the lyrics mention taking "steps" after 1:30 almost in sync with action of her kicking, and there are numerous little sync-ups that happen like this all through out the video.

I was disappointed by the ending a little bit... All I can say is, were the film editors listening to this song while editing this???
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I agree with most comments, the music is just simply laid under the video, but almost nothing really syncs, except for that part in 1:05... pretty cool!
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