PETA: Mario Kills Tanooki

In the new Super Mario 3D Land game, Mario has special abilities when he wears the Tanooki Suit - but think about it. Where did he get such a suit? From a dead Tanooki, a Japanese raccoon dog, of course!

PETA, understandably, is upset over the unnecessary killing of an imaginary videogame character and has made its displeasure known by releasing this fun little Flash game: Mario Kills Tanooki - Thanks Jay!

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Can we PLEASE stop feeding these trolls called PETA? Same for the Westboro Baptists assholes.

If we stop giving them attention, they'll have nothing to do but go the fuck away.
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Oh PETA. Way to make a real issue looks petty. I'm not totally opposed to animal products- I eat meat & wear leather (I realize there are ethical problems with that too)but I really draw the line at skinning something alive just to sell ripoff Uggs and make trendy clothes. The fur isn't being used for warmth, just looks, and that sucks more than I can say. As for Mario, he can wear whatever pixels he wants.
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I don't get it though. I've played Mario 3 a fair amount and I didn't even know this was called "Tanuki suit" if Peta is going to go that far into it why not go a step further?

And they still haven't made up for their own mistreatment of animals...
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