Arthropod Mythbusting

Afraid of spiders? Maybe it's because of all those stories you've heard about their creepy ways. Some of those stories hold no water, according to science writer Kim Hosey. She's got a good list of busted spider myths.
The daddy long-legs does not "have the most potent venom to humans, but its mouth is too small to bite humans." They're not venomous. Still, how would we test this, exactly? Extract the venom and kill a bunch of people on purpose?

No spider ever laid eggs in someone's skin, mouth, or beehive hairdo. Spiders are not waiting in airplane toilet seats to bite your butt.

Millipedes do not have a thousand legs. If it's roundish and has two pairs of legs per segment, it's a millipede.

For the love of god, it's venomous. Poisonous is when it's ingested or inhaled. Venom is injected into your bloodstream or deeper tissues. Most venom isn't even poisonous. And I am picturing you eating spiders when you say they're poisonous.

Read more at Arizona Writer. Link -via Not Exactly Rocket Science

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I have to argue one point. Brown recluse spider do hang out in outhouses. A doctor I knew who worked in ORs said the most brown recluse spider bites they treat are on men's scrotums who got bit by sitting on outhouse seats. Outhouses attract flies which the spiders like but the are aggressive and will bite other things that come into their territory. Be careful, guys! Those bites are seriously bad.
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