Duck, Duck, ...

The picture is funny enough, but in the discussion at reddit, I learned that in Minnesota, they don't play the game by saying "duck, duck, goose," but instead it's "duck, duck, grey duck!" OuchoGroucho told us:
I remember that with Duck, Duck, Grey Duck one can play with the tiniest bit of subterfuge. The person that was "it" would always draw out the first syllable slightly when saying "grrrrreen duck." Sometimes it would cause confusion, and one could slip in "grey duck" and get a slight head start. We would also say many fun colors as we went around. Moving from red duck, blue duck to lavender duck, beige duck, grrrrrassy duck.


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One of the things I love about blogs like Neatorama is that I am always learning. Not necessarilly big important lessons, but learning nonetheless.

Until I saw this particular post I had never heard of the game Duck, Duck, Goose or any of it's variants. Now I've read this I've looked it up elsewhere and now I can't believe I've never heard of it before.
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@ted but it's still missing, whatever it may be.

By the way it's never a good idea to post criticizing someone's grammar, unless you check your own grammar first. The word note in your post should have a capital N, and a full stop should follow the word too. I suspect there is a name for the particular law: Any message criticizing grammar will contain at least one grammatical error of its own.

Feel free to point out any grammatical errors in my post.
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