14 Sexy Costumes That Shouldn't Exist

BuzzFeed has a great collection of "sexy" costumes that make no sense. I actually think the one above is kind of cute, but it's still idiotic to have a sexy version of Edward Scissorhands.


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>> Never did understand why there was a need to sexify everything for Halloween.

It's a general trend. Compare the media, movies, TV, advertising, music etc to 50 years ago and it's clear that we live in different times. Sexier times. We can debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

But this is cosplay. Fantasy. The girls are sexy and the guys are muscular, both to the extreme more often than not. It goes with the genre, it's what we fantasize about (apparently) if there is no real world realism to restrict us. But to be fair I agree that most of the examples went too far with the sexiness.

Apart from that I don't really think these costumes are so idiotic or nonsensical though. The originals they are based on do not exist in the real world. You can't say something makes no sense if the original it's based on makes no sense either. What if the inventor from the movie Edward Scissorhands created a girl instead of a boy? She might have looked like the girl in the picture.
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Just add "Stripper" in front of all of those costumes.
Never did understand why there was a need to sexify everything for Halloween.
I mean come on.. a skunk? REALLY? Cause every woman wants to be associated to something that stinks....
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