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This Giant Camera Takes Amazing Photos

When photographer Darren Samuelson set up to take photos of Manhattan with his massive six foot long view camera that weighs over 70 pounds, authorities were alerted and the police had to be convinced that he wasn't pointing a weapon at the city!

This amazing device, which Ansel Adams will likely come back from the dead just to get his hands on, was created to use x-ray film three feet wide, and it takes some truly awesome panoramic photos. Hit the link to see a short video of the big daddy view camera in action! --image by John B. Carnett

ps-here's a link to the artist's website that I should have included with the article in the first place. Sorry Darren!

Darren Samuelson link

@Zeon Santos: if you read the comment it was clear, to me anyway, that I was expressing disappointment that I couldn't read it because your link doesn't work in Australia, for me anyway. It was a reference to a lad who wrote a fable a few thousand years ago....something about sour grapes. An attempt, perhaps poor, to be light hearted about what looked like an interesting link. Zeon, if you are this easily arse hurt then you better not post a link about guns or gays or politics or you will be kept busy being 'positive and constructive' till the cows leave home again in the morning.
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it's less a matter of being easily arse hurt and more a matter of being unable to say what I really want to in response to comments, and sometimes ridiculously immature commenters. And we don't post about such things here, this is about fun and interesting, nothing serious or political. sorry you were arse hurt about your comment being deleted, but it came off less as a reference and more as the usual "this is stupid" commenting that we are sick of here at Neatorama. I've enjoyed all of your other comments Larfin, and I'll be sure to check with ya next time instead of removing the comment.
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I've deleted similar "this is stupid" comments on other posts precisely because of Zeon's reasoning.

Disagreeing with the post is fine, if it's done in a constructive and meaningful way. Immature put downs and other nonsensical comments can and should be deleted because not only do they not add anything to the discussion, but they distract and create negative atmosphere that discourages the author as well as other commenters.

That's going to be codified into an official Neatorama policy soon.
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The linked article doesn't include any examples of photos taken by the camera. How can the post contend that the camera takes "truly awesome panoramic photos"?
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Point of contention: Photographers make amazing photos. Saying a camera takes amazing photos is like saying a hammer builds really nice houses.

The credit needs to go to Darren, not the camera. See this:

But yeah, that is one hell of a camera!
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Wow, it's just been confirmed:
"And we don't post about such things here, this is about fun and interesting, nothing serious or political."

Can we hold you to that? lol

Maybe the authorities were less afraid of his camera and more afraid of what appeared to be his black evening gown.
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