Drug Smugglers' Newest Creative Scheme: Parking Lot Smuggling Tunnels

If you're wondering why the roads in Nogales, Arizona, near the border with Mexico are riddled with square, symmetrical patches, the answer is that those are the visible remnants of drug smugglers' newest creativity: temporary drug smuggling tunnels!

In the latest innovation uncovered by law enforcement, smugglers in the border town of Nogales, Arizona were bringing drugs into the U.S. for the cost of a quarter.

The parking meters on International Street, which hugs the border fence in Nogales, cost 25 cents. Smugglers in Mexico tunneled under the fence and under the metered parking spaces, and then carefully cut neat rectangles out of the pavement. Their confederates on the U.S. side would park false-bottomed vehicles in the spaces above the holes, feed the meters, and then wait while the underground smugglers stuffed their cars full of drugs from below.

When the exchange was finished, the smugglers would use jacks to put the pavement "plugs" back into place. The car would drive away, and only those observers who were looking closely would notice the seams in the street.


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Hmmm...I don't believe I posted my opinions on drugs either way ie weed, booze or bacco etc

I was channelling Maxwell Smart re: their ingenious schemes these lads get up to eg drug smuggling submarines anyone?
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Selling a plant is evil when it has evil results, such as the deaths of innocent people, rival dealers, etc...

The selling and smuggling of drugs is a serious business in Mexico, and they don't care about small matters like the preciousness of human life.

If alcohol and cigarettes were outlawed, no doubt there would be a brisk trade in illegal alcohol and cigarettes. Heck, there already is, but it doesn't score the big bucks that the drug trade does.
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