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If you love geeky (and raunchy) webcomic, look no further than Fredo & Pidjin by Eugen Erhan and Tudor Muscalu. The weekly comic features the adventures of two mischevious, nay make that evil, pigeons.

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Yeah... this isn't cool at all. I hope you guys realize rapists are in on these "neat" comics too, I know mine was. You're only helping trivialize an attack in which men specifically seem to not want to speak up about due to the sexism in our society. I don't care if this comic is "neat." It is still sexist and a fucked up rape joke.
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nope, rape's not funny. rape "jokes" are dismissive and minimizing, not to mention they can trigger survivors. i don't buy this "raising awareness" bullshit.
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Yes, I laughed, but it does make one pause when you think, why did I just find that funny? Why do we find the idea of men getting raped funny, and the idea of women getting raped repugnant? Shoudn't they be equally objectionable? It's a funny world.
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@the above
>This is terrible
>Prison rape is not funny

Has it occurred to anyone else that what is done to humans at Guantanamo in the name of the Republic is
...not funny
...not neat

That is why this is NEAT, it reminds us of a greater NOT NEAT thing being done....pity no one referenced that.

Sometimes neat is not neat.
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