Famous Capsules

This artwork by Grégoire Guillemin contains lots of pop culture icons. How many do you recognize? I didn't count, but most of them are familiar enough. Some are for sale. See larger images at Guillemin's gallery (which contains just a couple of spoilers). http://www.behance.net/gallery/Famous-Capsules/1680846 -via Buzzfeed

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1. Line 1: Pulp Fiction; Marx Brothers; Taxi Driver; Unknown; Village People; Mario Brothers; Up;
Bob Dylan?; Johnny Depp from Once Upon a Time in Mexico? Or Ozzy Osborne?
Line 2: Joker, Batman, Two Face; Simpsons; Sonic; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Che Guevara; X-Files; Unknown; Betty Boop; Unknown
Line 3: Fantastic Four; T-800; Dracula; Frankenstein’s Monster; The Mummy; Unknown; The Beatles; Teen Titans; Daria?; Spongebob Squarepants
Line 4: Tin Tin and Snowy; Mr. Spock; Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp; Spider-man; Starsky & Hutch?; Fatty Arbuckle; Link; Matrix Players; Star Wars baddies; Tron; Unknown; Wall-E and Eva
Line 5: Star Wars Jedi (With Vadar and Droids); Mr. Kotter?; Asterix & Obelix; Fellowship of the Ring Players; Pirates from the 3rd film
Line 6: A-Team; Avengers (BBC TV); Kick-ass & Hit Girl; True Grit Players; Scream baddie; Finding Nemo; Angry Birds; Looney Toons Players; Hello Kitty
Line 7: Jason VorHees; Watchmen Players; Toy Story Players; Zorro; Daft Punk; ZZ Top; Demolition Man
Line 8: Shrek; Blues Brothers; Flash; Pac-man; Superman; Snake Pliskin; Gorillaz; Ghost Rider; Easy Rider; Mr. Bill; Back to the Future; Unknown; Ronald McDonald
Line 9: Buster Keaton; South Park; Hellboy &Abe; Invisible Man; Laurel and Hardy; Rabbid Rabbit?; Portal?; Calvin and Hobbes; Nick Fury; Marilyn Monroe; Wizard of Oz; Mega Man
Line 10: Hannibal Lecter; Men in Black; Green Hornet & Kato; Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Robot; Freddy Kruger; Apache Chief?; Scooby Doo Players; Shaft or Black Dynamite?; Mars Attacks; Addams Family
Line 11: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid; Daredevil; Blade; Avatar; Nightmare Before Christmas; KISS; Pokemon; Michael?; Judge Dredd; Pucca; Unknown; Wonder Woman
Line 12: Smurfs; Harry Potter; Silver Surfer; Clockwork Orange; Ripley & Alien; Green Lantern; Unknown; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Waldo; Monsters’ Inc; Despicable Me
Line 13: Xmen; The Big Lebowski; Gremlins; Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal); Mickey Mouse; Futurama; Unknown; CHiPs; Rush Hour; Ziggy Stardust
Line 14: Unknown; V for Vendetta; Robocop; The Avengers (comic); The Mask; Tweety Bird and Sylvester the cat; Charlie’s Angels; Assasins Creed; Naruto; The Incredibles
Line 15: Unknown; Nova or Captain Marvel; Iron Fist and Power Man; Airbender; The Phantom; Lethal Weapon; Ice Age; Unknown; Teletubbies; Braveheart; Unknown
All corrected or updated ones are in bold. I disagree about the Metropolis robot, as all black and white movie/characters, as the movie was filmed in, are in black and gray by the creator, Greg. I do think the last one of the first line is Ozzy, but it could also be Johnny, after he lost his eyes, no? I appreciate all the help on the ones I missed. I had to change Line Seven from Day the Earth Stood Still to Daft Punk, as it was obviously correct. The pair before Wonder Woman on Line eleven are driving me crazy, as I can almost picture the faces. Any more?
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If I'm not mistaken:

FIRST LINE: Last two are (from left to right): Bob Dylan and Ozzy Osbourne.

THIRD LINE: Second to last, believed to be Daria by a previous poster, I think is actually Janis Joplin.

TWELFTH LINE: Seventh in, from Fritz Lang's 1927 classic film "Metropolis" is the robot Maschinenmensch.

DAFT PUNK NOTE?: I did not see Daft Punk in there, third to last set in line 9 is Laurel & Hardy.
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the last set one the first row are UP characters, last one in line 2 is from little big planet, The third to last set in Line 9 is daft punk, In line 8 after after rabbid rabbit is patapon, Line 10 before freddy is hitchhikers guide to the universe, after judge dredd is pucca, the first ones on the last row is ace ventura, the last person in the third the last row is david bowie,
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