5 Safety Measures That Don' Make You Safer

Helmets, anti-lock brakes, sunscreen -they all seem like they should make us so much safer and healthier, but as it turns out, they can actually put us in more danger, largely because we take our safety for granted once we have these protection measures in place. Read about these and other safety precautions that actually make you less safe in this great Cracked article.


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I always shake my head at the people (mostly bikers, or "motorcyclists") who say helmets are actually more dangerous. They want to feel the wind in their hair. Sometimes I wonder if they haven't already fallen on their heads a few times too many.
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If you want to take safety advice from cracked.com, then please, don't wear a helmet, you're already spoiling the gene pool. One thing will remain constant, if you fall, or get hit by a car, you will fare better if you are wearing a helmet. Yes, statistics say that we are inclined to do more dangerous things if we are wearing protection, but that doesn't mean that if you don't wear a helmet, you won't have an accident. You can be on either side of the statistics, (for better or worse) the problem is, you don't have a choice in the matter (because accidents are random, whether influenced by your actions to protect yourself or not). I have two friends that would be alive today if they were wearing helmets, so I think I'll keep mine on.
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As soon as I see the name Cracked in a Neatorama link I don't bother following it. I've found in the past that their articles are written with almost no research.
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The ABS one is interesting. I got my first car with ABS about four years ago. In those four years I've covered 60,000 miles and apart from doing it on purpose to see if it works, I've only made the ABS actually do anything twice. Both were for deer.
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