17 Vowel-Free Words Acceptable in ‘Words With Friends’

Words with Friends is a popular game for your smart phone or iPad. I don't know how well these words would go over in Scrabble (probably not at all), but they will work when you play with your iPhone/Andriod-toting friends!
BRR – The way you tell people that it’s super chilly and the way you tell your WWF opponents that you don’t care what they think of you.

CWM – Oh, boy – pronounced “koom,” it’s another name for a “cirque,” which is a bowl-shaped mountain basin often containing a lake.

HMM – Accepted (in addition to “hm”) as a sound of contemplation. When you’re thinking just a wee bit harder, it’s “hmm” instead of “hm.”

NTH – Having the quality of being the last in a series of infinitely increasing or decreasing values. (As in, “the nth degree.”)

There's more, with 5, 6, and even 7 letters in this list at mental_floss! Link

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Cwm isn't actually pronounced "koom", but I can't figure out a way of spelling it phonetically in English. It's not quite "kum" and it's not quite "koom". Being a Welsh word it isn't really elligible for this list, partly because it's not an english word and partly because w is very definitely a vowel in Welsh.
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There are SO, SO many legit words in Scrabble that aren't accepted in Words with Friends - especially the 2-letter ones. It's just laziness by Words with Friends programmers. And they exclude/censor 'rude' words that Scrabble has accepted for decades. Time to smarten up, Words with Friends, or you won't have too many friends before long.
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This list has been available on About.com for ages(as well as other useful ones).
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'Cwm' is the Welsh word for valley, and 'w' is totally a vowel! It occurs in 'g?r' (a husband) and 'd?r' (water) and is always pronounced with the lips moved forward. Keep up the good work, Neatorama.
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