Jack Sprat Could See No Rabbit

Jack Sprat is a greyhound who put every ounce of heart he had into racing, clocking 40 miles per hour in training. But when he made his professional debut at Wimbledon last year, he came in last in both of his races. It was only after his owner retired him and sent him to Dogs' Trust in Snetterton, Norfolk, England, that veterinarians figured out how much effort Jack really put into racing -and everything he does. It turns out that the dog is blind!
Vets at the animal charity examined Jack and realised a rare condition had left him completely blind in his left eye and with only 20 per cent vision in his right.

They diagnosed him with Chorioretinitis, a swelling and irritation of the middle layer of the eye, which is irreparable.

Kate Brewster, 27, of  the Dogs' Trust, said Jack would have been 'terrified' racing with no vision in his left eye - used by dogs to follow the rabbit.

She said: 'We don't think Jack's racing owner realised the severity of his blindness and it would have been terrifying for him to race because of the noise.

'He must have followed the other dogs or maybe used his sense of smell to get around the track. He clearly had no way of seeing the rabbit.'

Jack stills runs very fast at the shelter, where he knows exactly where the fences are. The animal charity says Jack will make a great pet, and hopes to find him a home with no small children or other pets. Link -via Arbroath

(Image credit: SWNS)

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That's really sad, poor dog..
Damn people treating dogs like they're disposable. "Oh, you suck at racing? Well, see ya!" I guess I should be glad he didn't decide to shoot him or something (probably would have if his leg was broken, etc.). I hope he find a loving home where people will appreciate him soon.
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But how will they know if the dog suffered from "Anton-Babinski Syndrome" which is common with non-congental and coritical blindness. If such were the case, then the dog would be sufficiently deluded so as to spare himself the suffering he'd endure by being aware of his own deficit. This kind of phenomena falls into the category of conditions known as "Anosognosias" or "lack of awareness of a deficit" and its mechanism is said to be "Confabulation".
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