Manland: IKEA's Babysitting Service for Husbands and Boyfriends

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Sorry, guys, but this shopping trip to IKEA is going to take longer than you think. The woman in your life would like to spend a looooooong time looking at various options. Why? I have no idea, but this particular IKEA offers an alternative to the tedium. Manland is an in-house temporary daycare center that keeps men occupied with snacks and pinball machines while the ladies shop.

Link -via DVICE

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This is actually just a statement of objectification, sexism and prejudice.

It's like this; You can say that women are embued with a motherly instinct, but you'd have to ignore that almost all cases of neonaticide and infanticide are commited by women who are so self-absorbed and narcissistic that they cannot bear the thought of being a mother and having to care for another human being, along with all the social connotions that go with it. In other words, their own self-presentational and narcissistic concern trumps their so-called "motherly" instinct and results in a dead baby.

It is so with everything; you can try to ascribe this quality to this group and that quality to that group, but you will always be wrong.
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I'm sorry, Mr Awesome, but the guys in the video seems to be really happy with all this shit you call "infantilization of the modern male".

Go get your X-Box and be careful, otherwise your wife/girlfriend will let you play while she gets a real man.
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