Man Throws 4,800 Bottles with Messages out to Sea, Gets 3,100 Replies

Harold Hackett of Prince Edward Island, Canada, does what the BBC calls "old-school social networking." Since 1996, he's tossed 4,800 bottles into the sea. The currents have carried some of them to Europe, Africa, the United States, and Caribbean islands. He knows this because he's received more than 3,100 letters from people, many of whom share their inner thoughts with this stranger from across the ocean. Watch the video at the link about Hackett's story.

Link (self-starting audio) -via Gizmodo

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This to me seems like a really cool idea (: it would probably take a couple of years for any of the bottles to return. The fact that he recieved multiple back is mind blowing. I would like to try this one day (: Granted I don't live next to the ocean, but I will include a phone number or possibly my e-mail, and see if I am able to recieve any response. This will go on my bucket list (:
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So the cat throws a sealed, plastic bottle into the ocean. Each time he does a pretentious, self-righteous, rabid environmental hypocrite from a so-called enlightened first-world country decides that they are justified in their continued purchase of any food or beverage sealed in a petroleum-based package as long as they do their part in delivering the refuse to the proper recycling container.

Hypocrites, all. Why not become effectual and proactive by demanding the cessation of the toxic containment of corn-syrup or bottled water or some over-priced juice?

The problem with pollution? The individual irresponsibility of people who want their cake, to eat it, then to tell others how they should eat it, what time, how it should taste, etc. etc. etc.

Stop buying the shit, and manufacturers will cow-tow to demands that will keep their quarterly digits a-poppin'. Half the useless bullshit sold at Walmart is made of petroleum, manufactured by Asian wage-slaves, by a country whose Borg-like masses are way to far removed from sane sensibilities.....because they wanna be like the star-bellied sneetches....That would be y'all, us, we.

Glass is best. Throw it in the ocean and it turns into something the ocean can use. Oh but wait...what would the world be like without plastic??

Go look at some photographs prior to saaaay, 1930. Utilitarian plastics have given the world a rather dull, artless, cheesy look, and has no doubt contributed to the insanity that allows companies whose bulk of revenue comes from the 24-production of it, to continue to operate.

Hooray for this guy throwing empty plastic bottles with messages into the ocean! It's much more cathartic and profitable than lazily buying a bottle of (insert crap here) like some raccoon grabbing a shiny bauble.

Ok, done-*steps off soapbox during derby
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I can attest that it works. I also live in Canada and regularly toss my empty Tim Hortons coffee cups in Lake Ontario. So far I've had two responses from Hamilton harbour, strangely, they were both from transvestites...
Oh well, something about "Steel City" I guess.
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