7 Horrible Art Mistakes You Never Noticed

Notice anything strange about this picture? It might take a second, but really look. If you haven't noticed yet -look at the guy on the left's leg. Now try to look at the painting and try to ignore that horrible mistake. It's hard isn't it. If you want to see more terrible art mistakes, be sure to check out this great Cracked article, but be warned, the artworks might be ruined for you forever.


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Except that the article points out that Rockwell admitted that was an error on his part. As for the dog's shadow, which of course is a facetious comment, people, that's a compositional thing.

What shocks me is the fact that they and the Stock Market sign appear to be floating in mid-air, with nothing to support them. If that's the case, there should be no shadows at all.

I thought the Philadelphia statue one was cool. It shows how degenerate society has become, interpreting historical images with our own warped viewpoint.
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He doesn't have a third leg. He has bent legs under baggy pants. The pants are baggy enough that they don't take on the shape of his legs.

Sheesh! So, by Cracked's logic, the woman in the dress must have another leg as well with no extra foot, simply because her dress isn't glued directly to her leg.

I'm reminded of a classmate that drew a female model's face from the side with her hair resting on her shoulder. The teacher kept joking, saying "hey, she's got a beard!" Anyone that has been an artist long enough can appreciate the fact that at times... some elements to the overall compositions that we choose can hit our audience's eyes in strange and partially incomprehensible ways -- and to others; they totally comprehend what's going on & it's no problem at all.
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beebo is right too, no shadow for the dog, but who are we to say that Norman Rockwell made a "mistake"? It was probably intentional for whatever reason.
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