So Now You Know-How To Use A Flowbee

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So it never helped anyone open up a hair salon in their home, and it only cuts your hair into one generic style, but the Flowbee is as fun to use as it's name is to say. Watch this educational video about the proper usage of this marvelous device, then try and resist the urge to buy one of your very own!

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My dad is a believer in the flowbee. He still has his from the early 90s and has never had to pay for a haircut since. They still have replacement parts for sale which is kind of hilarious. It sucks while it cuts! It sure does suck!
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[I'm a woman.]I've used this for years and will continue to use it. You are not limited to one generic cut. If you want it really short, like if you're a guy, then you need to buzz it with an electric clipper. The rectangular extensions are modular, they stack and come in a few sizes to accomodate different hair lengths.

Why I like it:
-I can cut it ANYTIME. It only takes me 10 min. or less. I don't have to pick up the phone to make an appointment, wait and read crappy old magazines on uncomfortable chairs. But if that's how you like to spend your time, go right ahead.
-I can be sure that it comes out exactly the same each time, if I wish, plus the hair on the sides of my head are ALWAYS cut exactly the same length.
-I save TONS of money. The unit initially costs $80 [I paid $60 a few years ago and use my own vacuum] so just a few trims and it's paid for itself.

Laugh all you want, but I get to spend my time and money in persuit of my own interests.
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