Siemens Abandoning Nuclear Energy

As the largest engineering company in Europe, Siemens has decided to abandon its investments in nuclear power in response to political aversion towards nuclear power. Despite having built all 17 of Germany's nuclear power plants, they plan on setting 35% of their electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020.
Siemens, the largest engineering conglomerate in Europe, announced Sunday that following the German government’s decision to phase out nuclear power by 2022, it would stop building nuclear power plants anywhere in the world. “The chapter for us is closed,” Peter Löscher, the chief executive of the Munich-based conglomerate, said in an interview with Der Spiegel, the weekly news magazine. He emphasized the company’s commitment to the rapidly growing renewable energy sector.

He said the decision was also “an answer” to political and social opposition to nuclear power in Germany.

Link -via TreeHugger | Photo Credit Topato

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The crisis in Japan was a freak accident. You don't stop driving your car everyday because you heard a story of some guy being swallowed by a sinkhole while driving downtown, do you?
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Germany is really leading the way in energy production (an sustainable development in general), Siemens is investing wisely in an industry that will explode in the coming decades. I wouldn't call this an answer to stupidity and fear-mongering, I believe this is just a very smart step in the right direction; you've gotta stay ahead of the curb these days. Just wait until Siemens is dominating the renewable technology market.
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The best argument against nuclear energy that I have ever heard is that there is no insurance company in the world willing to insure one.

If anyone knows of one that has insurance, I would like to know. (insurance by a government doesn't count)
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