Fireplace Flame Coloring Kit

United Nuclear is always a fun place to shop for high voltage equipment, chemicals, and radioactive supplies (you know, mad scientist stuff). Here's something to impress your guests -colored flames! The kit contains boric acid, calcium nitrate, lithium carbonate, copper chloride, and copper acetate, along with complete instructions for creating a rainbow in your fireplace or campfire. -via @LettersofNote

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fun fact: United Nuclear was founded and is run by Bob Lazar, the guy that supposedly worked at Area 51, reverse-engineering alien spacecraft (among TONS of other hilarious claims). he also went around proclaiming that he was a student at MIT and California Institute of Technology...except neither school have any records that he was ever even enrolled at either place.

United Nuclear as a company has also gotten into trouble a couple times, for selling things they weren't supposed to be selling.
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They've actually had stuff like this for a long time. I remember throwing crystals like these in my grandparents' fireplace 25 years ago. Brings back fond memories!
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Colorful fire... which is awesome! Bottle rocket turds are also awesome... So are M-80s in turds... Point is, the more awesome it is the less you care there's a turd in it...
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