6 Things The Film Industry Wants To Keep Secret

Did you know the Star Wars films still haven't made a profit? That's because the studio distributes the film although the distribution branch is considered a separate company. The distributor charges the studio (itself) whatever fees it wants, so even after the film earns billions of dollars, it might still be billions of dollars more away from turning a profit.

And that's just one of the dirty little movie-making secrets the industry doesn't want you to know about. Find out more over at Film School Rejects.


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@Melissa..I agree with you...the constant cussing just gets old and turns an interesting article I'd like to share, into something that sound like it was written by some high schooler trying too hard to sound cool, but isn't...
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Great info and ideas in the article. I wish they hadn't written it in such a not-safe-for-work, public-sharing-unfriendly, uneducated sounding style. They could have pulled off informative and easy to understand and casual in style without having to have the tons of swearing.

I have a foul mouth,too, and cussing in general is fine with me, but that kind of language doesn't match up with the smart content of the article. It detracts from the source's feel of credibility and the sense of seriousness about the subject matter. It doesn't add anything valuable to the material at all. It just makes it so that instead of being able to share it on facebook where my friends and family and contacts can see it and learn some under-publicized truths about the film industry, I can't really feel comfortable about doing that because of the writing style. :(
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