Who Wants To Be a Thousandaire?

After a two-year absence, the site Damn Interesting is back, with a post about the notorious game show contestant Michael Larson. In 1984, Larson won $110,237 in cash and prizes on the show Press Your Luck -an amount far exceeding any previous winnings. That's because Larson had a system.
His demeanor alternated between intense concentration and jubilation. The strategy worked even better than he had anticipated due to the large number of Free Spin bonuses that appeared in his safe slots. Host Peter Tomarken became increasingly flabbergasted each time Larson made the “spin again” gesture. $30,000 was considered an extraordinary payoff for one day on any game show at that time, and the likelihood of missing the whammies for more than a dozen spins was considered to be vanishingly small. By his 13th spin Michael had $32,351 and nervous giggles. By his 21st spin he had $47,601 and conspicuous anxiety. But he pressed on.

The Press Your Luck control booth had grown silent as the show’s producers began to realize that Larson was consistently winning on the same two spaces. In a panic, the booth operators called Michael Brockman, CBS’s head of daytime programming. “Something was very wrong,” Brockman said in a TV Guide interview. “Here was this guy from nowhere, and he was hitting the bonus box every time. It was bedlam, I can tell you.” Producers asked if they should stop the show, but Larson did not appear to be breaking any rules so they were forced to allow the episode to play out.

The amount of game show money Larson won in one day was not eclipsed until 2006. Find out how he did it and what happened to Larson after his big win at Damn Interesting. Link

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Price is Right used to offer two identical motorcycles, etc., and the contestant had to guess between two total prices, one an odd number, the other an even number.
More often than not, the odd number would be chosen and I would find myself yelling at the innumerate contestant.
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