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4th Amendment Underwear

Core77's Design for Social Impact contest winner created underwear specifically for going through TSA security. For covering up your private parts during an X-ray, the set includes bras and boxers with the fourth amendment on them printed in metallic ink.

Link -via Core77

This is a dumb complaint. TSA was criticized during 9/11, and now people think it's unnecessary when they do something.

It's not an invasion of privacy. If it was, doctors should be arrested and street cams should be taken down. First of all, flying on a plane is a privilege. To the idiots waving a copy of the Constitution, ask yourself if you have a right to bear arms on a plane? Secondly, they're x-ray scans that are kept private, not nude photography that gets published. Your naked body is not that different from anyone else, and a scan is even less specific.
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In the US we cannot do intercity travel by airline without "volunteering" to be searched. So if we want to travel between US states (a right firmly established in law and precedent), but not be searched, we have to use another form of transport.
However, Janet Napolitano has made it quite clear that expansion of TSA searches to all common carriers including intercity rail and buses has been contemplated. There is also the TSA VIPR program - thousands of un-announced checkpoints set up each year at train stations, bus stations, ferry terminals...
So if we don't want to inadvertantly "volunteer" for one of these administrative searches, our only option is not to travel. Not to travel even on city transit buses.
So far, the courts have pretty much allowed the TSA to do what they want as long as the search is administrative (i.e.: to detect contraband that would compromise safety of the common carrier) rather than investigative.
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Seriously you don't think any time a person goes through one of these that there's potential for pictures to be taken and circulated? Seriously? Have you seen an airport security guard? Have you never heard of any abuses of the system being perpetrated by airport employees? It happens.

Doctors performing x-rays are not normally doing full-body scans. They do not normally force people against their will to submit to invasive procedures.

Should street cams be taken down? Some people think that's not a bad idea.
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A security guard with 40 hours of training is not a police officer. If a police officer can't lay hands on me without a warrant or probable cause then a security guard sure as hell shouldn't be groping my privates (this happened to me in San Diego, it was traumatic and pretty much wrecked my day).

A security guard with 40 hours training is not qualified to calibrate a backscatter machine. If something was wrong with the machine there would be no way of knowing how much radiation was being dumped into the skin of a person being scanned (backscatter radiation doesn't penetrate the body but it does deposit in skin).

TSA has claimed over and over again that the machines don't record images but the manufacturer has stated very clearly that they can.

I don't mind pat downs, I've had them before but what they're doing now is shocking and meant to intimidate people into using these machines without question.
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On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I flew on a domestic flight in Australia and wasn't even asked for ID at any point at the airport.
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