6 Psychology Myths Everyone Believes

Have you ever been told that you need to let your anger out or it will explode? As it turns out, that's completely wrong. Cracked has a great list of psychology myths everyone believes that are utterly and completely wrong. Be warned, some of the language is NSFW.


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Example given: "Consumers can appropriate associations belonging to brands, such as user characteristics or personality traits, and incorporate them into their self-concepts. In doing so, consumers form connections between brands and their self-concepts, referred to as self-brand connections (Escalas and Bettman 2003)."

"Product cues that evoke certain images (e.g., prestige) are viewed as activating similar beliefs about the self (e.g., high status), which prompts a comparison process to determine whether the product and self-image are congruent. Escalas and Bettman (2003) adopt a prototype matching view, where individuals imagine prototypical users of alternative brands and select ones that maximize similarity to their actual or desired selfconcept, thereby forging a self-brand connection."

The Development of Self-Brand Connections in
Children and Adolescents
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota

Whether they call it NLP after Richard Bandler, or a more general theory of associations generally implied or call it a systematic method of transference or an SBC (self-brand connection). The current is the same.
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When they say "everyone" they aren't talking about literally everyone because I've mentioned all of these before, not just on neatorama but to everyone who has ears. But they are wrong about the use of Bandler's theories in marketting. Perhaps NLP specifically, or as a theory is not employed in the explicit, but it is the fact of implicit association which is the underlying force of everything from Hypnosis, Subliminal Messaging, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hebbian Plasticity (the mechanism of neuroplasticity), 'Transference' (the name of the technique used in marketting) to the Implicit Association research done at Harvard by Mazarheen Banaji.
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