Can Social Media Hipster Save Myspace?

Forget Justin Timberlake! You know who can "bring sexy back" to Myspace*? According to this clever webcomic by Matt Melvin of Cyanide and Happiness, it's social media hipsters.

After all, bell bottoms came back, so why not vintage social networking?

*Yes, folks - they're previously MySpace, now Myspace ... that website's not only gradually losing capital, its also losing capital letters)

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Alex, you were right.
Nolan was wrong.

I think Nolan was reading a possessive, when from the context, its "it's" is obviously short for "it is", isn't it?
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I think Nolan was correcting my description "... webcomic by Matt Melvin of Cyanide and Happiness, it's social media hipsters" not the comic.

I think the use of "it is" is correct here, though I admit that I'm wrong more than half the time. :)
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nolan-----ummm did you really just tried to correct a comic strip?
mike----u still have a telephone? i joke i joke....
ugh i so dislike all those social outlets....i see so many people just posting so much of their faces and you just know in your heart that they want you to comment on it to tell them how perfect they are....i think the world is turning for the is all about me me me
and for all the people who put just pics of their faces...listen look the same it's just a different day or hair color...nobody

....sigh i feel better now
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