Don't Be Grumpy, Simply "Goal Disengage"

Attention cranky oldsters (and their suffering younglings)! A new study on aging and depression has come up with a way to avoid turning into a grumpy old man (or woman): just accept that what you want to do can't be done and let go ...

New research offers a way for this at-risk group to ward off depression: "goal disengagement." Concordia University psychologists Erin Dunne and Carsten Wrosch collaborated with University of British Columbia's Gregory Miller for a study to be published in the journal Health Psychology. Their conclusion in Dunne's words: "The ability of older adults with functional limitations to withdraw effort and commitment from goals that are no longer attainable can help them avoid increases in depressive symptoms over time."

Hans Villarica of The Atlantic has the full story: Link

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look up Mindfullness Meditation and it gives you basically the same thing. Be aware and acknowledge issues, don't mull, and let go vs. trying to 'fix it'.

Does not sound like new ground covered here...just some new packaging.
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Useless advice.

No reasonable person sets unreachable goals for himself consciously. If you do set an objectively unreachable goal for yourself it's because you don't realize it's unreachable.
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What hogwash.

Only have $60 to your name, and your benefits check is 3 weeks away, and you can either by your blood pressure medicine or food so you're feeling a tad bit cranky?

Well just "goal disengage" and watch all your grumpiness fade away.
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