Ridiculous Propaganda Campaigns

Have you ever been told that eating carrots will improve your eye sight? Then congratulations, you've just been fed propaganda from a very successful, but very silly British propaganda campaign.
During the Battle of Britain, the Germans started noticing that a bunch of their planes were getting shot down in instances where the British shouldn't have seen them coming. It was almost like they had some sort of radio device that could detect the presence of incoming objects -- actually, it was exactly that: Britain had perfected the radar and didn't tell anyone about it. Obviously the Brits couldn't let the Germans know they had access to this new technology...British papers published a story about a RAF pilot called John "Cat Eyes" Cunningham who had shot down 20 enemy planes thanks to his superhuman night vision, an ability he achieved by eating lots of carrots.

While carrots are good for your eyes, they can't actually improve your eyesight and they certainly can't give you night vision. Even so, many people still believe that munching them down like Bugs Bunny will help them get rid of their glasses all because of a propaganda campaign.


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Funilly enough carrots do help your vision a tiny little bit, but there is now quite a common myth in Britain that carrots harm your night vision. Since the war it has become common knowlege in Britain that it was merely propoganda that carrots improving your night vision. Somewhere along the line somebody misunderstood the reasons for this propaganda - somehow radar got left out of one version of the story. As a result somebody tried to work out why the British government created the story in the first place and decided that it must have been because they wanted German pilots to eat carrots. The only reason they could see for this was that carrots harm your night vision. So the story got started that the British government were trying to harm German servicemen's night vision. It gained momentum and you won't find it hard today to find a Brit who believes that carrots harm your night vision.
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