An Adorable Giggling Fox

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Who know foxes could even make such adorable noises? I want to hear the joke that got him going so hard.

Via BuzzFeed

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The trouble with breeding foxes for tameness is that, as the behaviour gets more and more doglike, so does the appearance of the fox. The late-generation "tame" foxes in the Russian experiments looked more like dogs than foxes - with short noses, floppier ears and so on. I think even the bushy tail was going...
It seems that the genes influencing wildness/tameness are tied up with the ones which make the appearance foxlike/doglike.
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I grew up in northern Alberta(Its in Canada) and as a kid there was a group of foxes that would play with me and my sister. They acted in the same way when they wanted to be pet. The mother of the three cubs would sit on top of the hill and watch over. Every winter they would come back but after four years something happened and we never seen the family again.
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I agree with Ignatius and Guang. The fox looks scared and nervous. S/He's offering appeasing and submissive behaviors to the camera holder, alternating with little feints of aggression to scare her away. The human is not clued in and is treating the animal as "cute"; which it is not.

Wild animals in captivity DO NOT EQUAL domesticated ones.
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