Bad Mothering Lawsuit Thrown Out

An Illinois appellate court dismissed a case that two grown children have pursued against their mother for two years. The lawsuit accused Kimberly Garrity of bad mothering for a long list of complaints, including making the daughter come home at midnight, threatening the son at age 7 over buckling his seatbelt, and failing to buy toys on occasion.
Among the exhibits filed in the case is a birthday card Garrity sent her son, who in his lawsuit sought damages because the card was "inappropriate" and failed to include cash or a check. He also alleged she failed to send a card for years or, while he was in college, care packages.

On the front of the American Greetings card is a picture of tomatoes spread across a table that are indistinguishable except for one in the middle with craft-store googly eyes attached.

"Son I got you this Birthday card because it’s just like you ... different from all the rest!" the card reads. On the inside Garrity wrote "Have a great day! Love & Hugs, Mom xoxoxo."

Children have the right to sue parents for emotional distress, but courts will only pursue a case if the parent's behavior is "extreme or outrageous." The Illinois court found that none of the mother's behavior fit that description. Link -via Fark

(Unrelated image credit: Flickr user EikeR)

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I don't think the case should have been dismissed. I think the judge should have ruled in favor of the mother and had these moronic children pay her legal fees as well as a hefty amount for pain and suffering.
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My X was in the passenger seat with a 15 year old girl in the driver seat - she didn't have a license or a permit. My children (10 and under) were in the back and she blew a .32 for the good deputy - does this count as abuse?
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Well I don't imagine a lot of people who had abusive parents will write in and complain here at Neatorama, but I've suffered a hell of a lot worse than no cash in my birthday card and I believe some suits have merit. There are plenty of abusive, nasty parents out there who get away with murder (literally and figuratively) who truly deserve to have any and all of their wealth taken from them. This case, however, demeans and discourages cases who have legitimate merits to go forward.

Not every parent loved their kids and some were downright mean and nasty to their children. Those of you who had loving parents don't know how bad it can get.
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