George Lucas Makes More Changes To The Star Wars Films

Fans are excited that the complete Star Wars saga is coming out on Blu-ray. However there are some concerns as Lucas has indicated he will include "surprises." Some of these may be technical upgrades of audio and visual elements, but some will be disappointed that the original theatrical versions will not be included as well.
The updates include some basic tweaks. The frame size will be adjusted for The Phantom Menace; so you can get more of the movie on your screen. The transfer technology has gotten better since 1999, so the the image can transfer more completely. Color timing is fixed in the original trilogy, and visual mistakes and debris were removed. Finally, the audio files have been cleaned up for the original trilogy. Sounds have been equalized, especially for A New Hope.  I understand those sorts of changes and applaud them. They make for a better viewing experience, and George Lucas always wants to provide that.


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This is getting as dull as the plot of the phantom menace. Every new release Lucas tries to put something new in there so fans will have to buy them. Fans? Suckers.

The man already has more money than he could ever need, but he still cynically manipulates gullible fans into giving more of their money.

It's like one of those sad old rock bands releasing yet another greatest hits album featuring the same old tracks, but with maybe one lame new track or a couple of previously unreleased live versions. Like those bands Lucas hasn't created anything new and worthwhile in the last thirty years.
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I'd like to challenge the conception by pseudo-fanboys that Han shoots first. He does not shoot "first", as that implies a second shooter. In actuality, Han is the ONLY shooter. After he activates his blaster in that way that he does, Greedo is far too dead to pull the trigger.

In conclusion, the motto should not be, "Han shoots first", but rather, "Han shoots, Han scores".
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