Man Tried to Stop Car the Flintstone's Way and Crashed

Most people would stop driving their car when the brake failed, but not this Fred Flintstone-wanna be: he tried to use his feet instead.

Roseville Police arrested a 24-year-old man Wednesday who tried to use his feet to brake his moving car and failed, hitting four cars along the way.

The Fred Flintstone wannabe, a roofer from Warren, was driving on a suspended license and was cited for Reckless Driving in the incident, in which police said he was completely sober, just “overly tired.”

He “will face a judge in September, to explain his moronic decision making,” said Deputy Chief James Berlin in a statement.

The next time you feel the urge to imitate a Stone Age cartoon, here's an advice: Yabba dabba don't. Link - via The Obscure Store

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I'm puzzled by the detail of this story. According to the story witenesses say he stopped to check his brakes, which failed.

Hold on. How do witnesses know he was checking his brakes? And if his brakes did fail then he didn't stop did he? So how do the witnesses come up with the idea that he "stopped to check his brakes"? It's not that I doubt that this accident happened, but I do think that either the witnesses are idiots or the author of the story is as dumb as the driver.
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People always claim "the brakes failed" when they get in a stupid accident. I would bet that in 9 out of 10 such cases, the brakes were fine and it was the driver that failed.
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