Protective Suit Improvised to Remove Nest of Yellowjackets

The girlfriend of redditor TroyPDX got stung by a yellowjacket, so "it was on like Donkey Kong." He prepared for his attack on their nest by getting drunk and improvising a beekeeping suit out of duct tape, rubber boots, a flashlight, and computer parts. Troy then armed himself with a vacuum cleaner and marched off into battle. It did not go well, and his story is worth reading in full. Link | Photo Gallery

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Next time, buy a Tyvek auto-painter's suit, a head-sock, and borrow someone's fencing mask.

They also make high-velocity, long-range, shoot 'n' run sprays for this type of thing, inst. of what tequila-man did.

On a related note, there is nothing like seeing a gigantic wasp nest that looks like a beachball-sized DeathStar.
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I grew up in the country and went up against many yellowjacket nets wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I specialized in catching the entire nest alive in a jar. Takes a special breed of insanity to do it but you can catch a whole nest of yellow jackets with a simple jar. I have been stung by yellowjackets but never while trying to catch them. Now, if you just wanted to kill the nest then take a handful of sevin dust and throw into the nest and get away quickly. That is how took car of large nests in the barn or nests that were in some hard to reach place like inside a cabinet in the tool shop or something like that.
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Some endeavor are the soul of industrious seriousness. Others are meant for the entertainment of those involved or observing. It appears that this one was well executed for its primary intention.
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