The DC Universe Gets A Major Overhaul

You may have heard the term "the New 52" thrown around recently and thought to yourself "the new 52 of what?" Well, your days of wondering are over, cause their coming your way this September! "The New 52" is DC Comics unprecedented overhaul and relaunch of 52 of their most popular, and world renowned, comic book series. From Superman and Action Comics to Batman and Detective Comics, to obscure titles like Swamp Thing and Creeper, every title is starting over, and they have never looked better! Check out the DC Comics website to learn all about how your favorite costumed crimefighters are going back to square one with style.

Link -via ComicsAlliance

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DC has placed its universe into the bloodstained hands of its Wildstorm employees and they are going to suffer an ignominious death for doing so. Image comics creators are failures becuase they have no concept of what a hero really is. They will fill their pages with bullets and cursing "heros" and will claim how "real" and 'supercool" and "modern' they are for doing so. In the mid-nineties DC published a book called "Kingdom Come" that painted beautifully the stark difference between Image and DC, but apparently none of the people in charge of DC these days bothered to read it. Superman and Batman are supposed to do their best not to kill, and heroines are not supposed to dress and pose like prostitutes. Also those of us who love DC enjoy our characters more when they have feet.
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Does the text to this post imply that the covers shown on the linked page are the new DC covers? They are covers to DC titles as imagined by a group of DC-unrelated artists. (Which is cool in itself.)

Anyway, the covers that DC have been posting are here:
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I'm a die-hard DC fan (as well as Vertigo and Wildstorm) and I'd chose DC over Marvel any day. That said, this is realdumb. Rebooting series that have been running since the 30's from issue #750 back to #1? Sucks. Seems like they're doing it for the same reason both Marvel and DC do these kind of events, to simplify or streamline the continuity. But this might just massively complicate things. Marvel always beats DC in the universe-wide events (usually better in concept, always better in execution) and this probably will not help DC's record. However, the incorporation of Vertigo and Wildstorm characters such as John Constantine or Midnighter/Apollo in to the DC universe are worth a checking out.
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