How Marty McFly Met Doc Brown

One of the authors at mental_floss asked managing editor Jason English a question he couldn't answer, so he asked the readers.
“Is it ever explained why Marty hangs out with Doc Brown? He’s just in Doc’s house to start the movie and it’s just implied that they’re good friends.”

— Brett Savage

Among the many comments at that post was one from Bob Gale {wiki}, one of the co-writers of the three Back to the Future movies, who helped shape the history of all the characters. His explanation got its own post today. Link

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Really who cares? All this back story stuff is a help to the writers in order to make relation ships work and often to maintain continuity. It shouldn't matter to viewers at all. It certainly shouldn't make any difference to the way you respond to the movie. Sad.
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Wow, I'm even geekier than Bob Gale himself about Back To The Future. It turns out that I printed the scripts of the movies several years ago and there it's written the way they meet each other (there are many changes between the script and the final movie, but those shouldn't affect the way Doc and Marty come across), and it's not the same explanation that Bob gives in the provided link (and I quote de script):

Doc Brown's all right -- he's just a little hung up on time. A couple of years ago, he showed up at mu house and hired me to swwep out this garage of his. He pays me 50 bucks a week, gives me free beer...and gives me total access to his record collection -he's got this great old record collection.

So they meet like that :)

Greetings from Spain, Jorge.

P.S: obviously you can check out what I said in the link.
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