40,000 Watt Car Stereo System Gives New Hairdo

In what looks like some kind of truck that is outfitted with 40,000 watt stereo a young woman finds out exactly what some thumping base can do to your hair. Would hate to car pool with the guy who drives that.  Her hair blows up from what I assume are the sound waves?  (Can anyone here go all Bill Nye and explain to us how the stereo makes her hair do that?)


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"Her hair is moving from the rapid air pressure changes created by 8,000 subwoofers all vibrating in and out at the same time at the speed of light."

The movement of the subs aren't causing the pressure change, the sound waves are and only light can go the speed of light; nitpicking too.

Here's the junk for it ?


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"bass", not "base". sorry to be nitpicky, but as a musician that spelling error always drives me nuts.

and as an aside, stereos this loud are a major health hazard to anyone in the car. they damage hearing and can cause all sorts of physical problems (not the least of which is potentially affecting your heartrate).

also: nobody else wants to hear a muffled stereo from half a mile away!
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"40,000 Watt Car Stereo System Gives New Hairdo "

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