Using an Excavator

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The title of this video at YouTube is "Machine delivered to SA without instructions," but there is no additional information. Could they possibly be out of fuel? What other explanation could there be? (warning: "Surfer Bird") -via the Presurfer

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I've done this in the past when one product has been contaminated with another, sea sand with river sand, wet sand with dry sand, and the contaminant needs to be skimmed off before it gets too mixed up.
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I worked construction when I was in high school. more than likely there is something underneath that they don't want to damage.

I've worked sites exactly like this before. You excavate by hand and use the trackhoe like a giant overpowered wheel barrow.
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It took me a while to get that -another country? South Africa? OK, I thought SA meant South America, but my second thought was Something Awful forums.

Commenters at YouTube are pretty sure they are avoiding pipes under the sand here.
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... or there's delicate equipment buried under the dirt? Or the driver/operator is off taking pee break and these guys aren't lazy? But, yes the original caption is funny because it makes fun of people in another country.
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"Using an Excavator"

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