His Sidekick is an Archaeopteryx

The next Batman movie is being filmed in Pittsburgh. So students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh decorated one of the city's 100 fiberglass dinosaurs -- your city has those, too, right? -- in a Batman costume. Link -via The Mary Sue | Photo: Anirrudh Koul

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Here in Vancouver we have had life size fiber glass bears, killer whales and eagles. The are painted/costumed/decorated then auctioned off to local businesses for charity and displayed around the city.
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Yeah, why have we never heard of the dinosaurs before?

And what's with the Stud Show being advertised on the right? What kinda school is this?
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i live in pittsburgh, and LOVE when the AI students dress him up! it's right downtown, so it gets a lot of exposure. he also has steelers and penguins costumes, amongst others.

i'm pretty sure this t-rex wasn't part of the fiberglass dinosaur project you're referring to... he's pretty much a mainstay. i think the dinos you're thinking of are the ones that were placed around the city, and painted by local artists and businesses.

still cool, nonetheless!

here's an article on Pittsburgh's "DinoMite Days" (forgot it was called that until i just did a quick google search. lol)


sadly, there are less and less painted up dinosaurs hanging around Pittsburgh as that was a few years back. but you'll still see a few here and there. i know for sure the "mr. rogers" dino is still in Oakland. just saw it the other day, and ironically to this post, he sits right down the block from where Batman was filming for about a week or two!

"Dippy" should be around for sometime though :-)


also, the Batman filming is really creating a fun buzz around Pittsburgh!

(please don't take this comment as "know-it-all" but as a follow up to another fun post by neato!)
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