78-Square Foot Apartment

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If you want a really roomy place, you can live in a 90-square foot apartment. But Luke Clark Tyler, an architect in Manhattan, figured that he could do just fine with a cozier place. His apartment, which includes furniture that he designed and built for it, is only 78 square feet in floor space. Tyler has a murphy bed, a couch, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a closet.

Did I mention that Tyler works from home? That tiny space is also his office. -via Doobybrain

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I hate videos that glorify stuff like this. This man is one step above being homeless (no kitchen, shared -almost- public bathroom, and enough space for a bed).

Is it because it's in Manhattan? I bet he wouldn't live in a space this size in Queens! And $800 a month? There are plenty of affordable places for that price in the other boroughs... granted, you have to have a personality conducive to roommates... and you have to be willing to actually use a subway.
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there is a door is he's room that after watching the "tour" he never uses. So the question is where does the door go? 800 dollars a month and you have to go out of your apartment to a shared bathroom. I had it better in a dorm in college.
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These apartment videos just keep getting smaller and smaller. One day there's going to be some upbeat hipster who's "perfectly happy" just living in a casket.
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Amazing...... I have all this beauty ( http://loadmebaby.com/blog/philippines-travel-tips-and-advice/retire-to-the-philippines-house-and-lot-for-sale-107700/ ) for $300 a month including cable (HBO and MAX), internet, electric, water and an awesome view. What a crappy life.
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