Moon Conspiracy Theories (Not That One)

While we are all familiar with the conspiracy theory that the Apollo moon landings were faked, here are a few moon conspiracies that you may not have known. Some of these are more far out there then faking a moon landing (or are they?) What is your favorite moon conspiracy theory?

In their book "Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA," authors Richard Hogland and Mike Bara claim that glass or crystal-like ruins can be seen on the lunar surface. The towering structures are said to be over a mile long. Photos of the ruins, they say, were photographed by Apollo astronauts and withheld from the public by a NASA employee for over 30 years.

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Hoagland (famous for all that hoo-ha about the face on Mars) is a notorious anomaly hunter and enjoys making things up out of thin air. He actually believes that some Nazi war criminals escaped into space, and are still up there reaping havoc.

Hooooaglaaaand *shakes fist*
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"Moon Conspiracy Theories (Not That One)"

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