Wireless Electric Car Charging

Apparently one of the biggest “pains” about owning a fully electric car is plugging it in. I guess if you’re one of those people who is always forgetting to charge your cell phone maybe this is a big deal. However the folks at Evatran have developed a Plugless Power wireless charging system that they hope to start testing on the all electric Chevy Volt.
Co-Founder and CEO Tom Hough told AutoblogGreen at the Plug-In 2011 Conference that the new system is even easier to use than it was. Once a plug-in car has been upgraded with the charge receiver, the driver just needs to be close to the sending unit to get power. The discs can be a half-radius off and still charge. Hough told us that, "even the die-hards said plugging in was a pain the rear." If you're not sold on the convenience angle, then how about the idea that there is nothing mechanical to break with this system? In the old model, a part inside the rectangle moved back and forth to find the in-car receiver. It worked, but it wasn't as elegant as the new device.


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Then she'll need to remember to lock the garage door. Seems like it would be a great way to get free electricity. Then again I imagine a lot of houses
have AC outlets attached to the back. Would be a lot easier to use a long extension cord for some free juice.
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They do know that women are the primary drivers of EV's right?

And they still expect them to park within 10-15 centimeters of top dead center of the charging device.

Good luck with that.
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