Fact: Crocodiles Can't Chew

When I was a kid and Crocodile Dundee was popular (I predate Steve Irwin's fame by about a decade, apparently), I was terrified that I'd find myself in some isolated swamp full of crocodiles, and that those crocodiles would, of course, want to eat me. I was maybe too young to watch the movie. Anyway, it turns out my horrible nightmare about crocodiles politely chewing me up was not only improbable but also inaccurate: crocodiles can't even chew.
Yes, it’s true. Despite their fearsome reputation, crocodiles can’t chew. But that’s not to say they won’t kill you—in fact, death by crocodile is probably more agonizing precisely because they’re unable to masticate.

Great!  I feel way better about this. Get the details of crocodiles' etiquette-free eating habits on Mental_floss. Link

Image: MartinRe

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Copy pasted from around the net:

- Crocodile tears: crocodiles can't chew, so they are forced to rip their food into chunks and swallow them whole. As luck would have it, the glands that keep their eyes moist are right near their throats, so their eating habits actually force tears into their eyes.

- The muscles that close the jaw can exert literally tons of pressure, but muscles for opening the jaw are weak, and an alligator’s jaw can be held closed with a thick rubber band. This fact is skillfully exploited during most alligator wrestling shows.
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That's not a "factoid" that's a "fact". A factoid is something consider to be true because it appears in print.

Or maybe that's exactly what you meant.
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