Duke Nukem Visits The Shining's Overlook Hotel

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Have you ever found yourself wondering about the layout of the Overlook Hotel while watching the Shining? No? Well, me neither, but film analyst Rob Ager sure has, and he’s made an unusual little film about it, in which he uses a Duke Nukem mod as a virtual tour guide with a gun.


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>> I totally buy that he was out to disorient the audience.

I Second that. Read up on Kubrick and how obsessively he prepared his movies. He would not make such mistakes, it's just not possible.
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Just wanted to note that the write up is wrong. This video (and its second part, not mentioned here) only briefly discuss a Doom mod at the beginning. It's not a Duke Nukem walkthrough. The video is an analysis of the spatial concepts in the Shining and how Kubrick used them for effect.

The video addresses the continuity conflicts of the hotel layout, which are intentional and not filmmaking errors. Many of the issues brought up in the video would be plainly obvious to the filmmakers, especially Kubrick who was notoriously meticulous. He was a perfectionist for detail and wouldn't have allowed for such continuity mistakes. The second part on youtube addresses this a bit.

Having been freaked out multiple times by Shining viewings, I totally buy that he was out to disorient the audience.
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The little things like this don't bother me since I don't expect sets to be part of a whole, but consider them as separate entities. Only one thing really got to me, and it was a blatantly obvious horse trainer wearing a black outfit (I can't remember the movie) that just left me with a WTF moment.
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How about pre-internet people didn't care so much or have an outlet... Love the 'goofs' section on IMDB but I don't get all excited if I see the reflection of some boom arm in the windshield of the third parked car on the left...

Movies and reality TV are fantasies people....
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